My life right now.

Hi Jax, this is me and my life right. Maybe this is when I feel most free. Floating through the night from point a to point b, peaceful and silent. I wonder what your thoughts would be in this situation and where you will be going or coming from. Will you be comin from work from your first summer job, will you be in another country finally arriving to your chased love, who knows. I think of you often and wish I could see you every day son.

My decision today

Hi Jaxon, I’m thinking of you as I work on my little page here and I’ve decided that I would be a lot more aggressive with regard to having you in my life. No father should be treated this was and I’m sorry that you were born into a world where you mother and father can’t communicate. I hope that one day you understand that my actions are what I feel are in your best interest. So until otherwise noted, I need you and need me.