The song that played while everything changed.

Hey a little guy, here’s something interesting. Once upon a time in Dallas, there was a smooth jazz radio station on 107.5fm however, every Sunday night they would play a downtempo electronic music program that started at 10pm called Musical Starstreams, hosted by a dj named Forest. For whatever reason it really seemed to fit my life at the time, furthermore I’d never heard anything like this. Around this time I was 17 or so and I already had free reign around the city, as far as the bus would take me and get me back, so I’d go to Tower Records on Oak Lawn almost weekly trying to find cd’s by these artists that I’d never heard of who created these incredible songs, but I never did.  So every Sunday night I’d record the entire set by running an out from my radio into the input of my computer using Sound Forge and cropnthe songs and label them all neatly until I had his huge collection. What I didn’t know at the time was that this was a worldwide movement of this newly emerged style of music. I think Forest went on to take part in he creation of Waveform records. It was during this time that something happened to me, I’m still not really clear what, but there was this one song that was the theme music of whatever I was transitioning to/from at the time. I’m listening to it now, on my late night train ride, and I’m thinking of you 🙂 I love you little guy, and I miss you very much. 

Btw, yes, this is the song I listen to when I arrived there he first time, and every time since. There is no connection between the song and the place for me personally. Alhough, every single time I’ve been there, it’s raining the entire time, and the mood of the song just works that much better. Oh, and shortly thereafter is when I started raving. Eek! hahahahah 

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