Jaxon I’m crying

All I’ve ever been is hurt. I don’t have a mother anymore but one of the things she thought me was to be true to my woman. I will never forget rubbing alcohol on her back and her saying “don’t ever do this to a woman”. I’ve never cheated on or taken advantage of any woman and it was a tough pill to swallow when I had to accept that that only matters to me. It doesn’t even exist outside of my thoughts. So understand my solace when I say that you will be better than me. At my age I doubt that I will ever know what’s so wrong with me and why I’m the guy that crys in his bed at night. All I know is that you mustn’t feel this. No one ever told me that it was ok to believe in myself. People say I’m smart and compliment me all the time, but if that were true then I’d never feel like this. I’m a father and the time for crying over women has long passed. I will do better. Please excuse my faults Jaxon. 

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