I’m creating this page and it’s all about my son Jaxon. I hope one day he finds this all useful.

…and then there was Jax

As a new father I can honestly say that I never could have imagined that I could be a part of something so amazing; It has literally changed my every thought.


This is all about me having an outlet to communicate with my son because due to the relationship between his mother and I at this time, I can’t bond with him as quickly as I like. This will help ease my pain. I also would like this to bring both sides of my sons family into a more communicative nature with one another because most of my family hasn’t even met him yet. Perhaps most importantly, this is for my son to know me as I am at this time because by the time we truly have one another in our lives, I will be a different me. The transition into a father is incredible and everyday I see a new me.


When I’m ready I will add how to contact me on this page. Until then, if you don’t know how to contact me directly then my best advice is to holler at your boy when you see me in the streets.. if you ever do.